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RadiantFit Mama - 6 Week Transformational Program for Moms

How to look & feel fit, take care of you and prepare healthy meals for you and your family in less than 40 minutes per day without leaving the house.

Have you ever experienced..


Feeling overwhelmed and lacking the energy to keep up with your busy mom life?
A lack of confidence when you look in the mirror?
That you have no idea how to start?

Like you have lost yourself in motherhood?

That you don't have the time to take care of yourself?

Do you want to..


rebuild strength, and improve cardio and flexibility?
to be healthier & fitter to keep up with your growing kid(s)?
feel Radiant and like yourself again?

If you answered YES to any of the questions imagine


Feeling ..

proud when you looked in the mirror

confident wearing your bikini again

Radiant walking into any room



having the energy to keep up with your kids

enjoying working out

your weekly meal plan for you and your family was done for you

balancing your family and professional life and still having time for yourself

becoming that active mom and truly feeling happier


Would feeling like this change your life?

This is what moms just like you have said about the programme 

It's amazing how the few little changes can make so big difference in your life. I'm amazed. Beside the workouts all the information in small podcasts were so nice and helpful - it was really nice to listen to them. The nutrition plans and information were so helpful in everyday family life. This program is a great opportunity to get to feel better, to be stronger and absolutely to be a Radiant & Fit Mama. This program was a wonderful & made feel so much better and really I'm stronger than in the beginning of the program, such a nice feeling! 🥰✨ I'm really looking forward to the RadiantFit Me program to get all this to the next level. I'm so ready for the next level.

More about the programme

A 6-week program to coach YOU through body, lifestyle, and mindset transformations.

My aim is to make you feel strong and confident in your skin so that you can TRULY enjoy motherhood and feel like you again.


My coaching is designed to help you become the best version of yourself, with little changes that suit your lifestyle. No more all-or-nothing thinking, instead I will teach you to listen to your body and give you the tools for a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

I cover each aspect of wellness to ensure that each mom FEELS at their best and has the tools to enjoy motherhood without worrying if you can eat that ice cream with your kids or if you look bad in the photos with your precious little ones.

Family First Ideology - In this program you will train and stay on the meal plan 5 days a week, but weekends are always your FAMILY time. The most you need to do on the weekends is cook for the week ahead. All the meals that you will be cooking are also family-friendly and each workout can be done when you got the time, so no sticking into anyone else schedule. 

Community - You will be able to share your mom's wins and those not-so-glory moments with a group of like-minded Women. This support network will be on your cheerleaders throughout your entire journey! In-app group Chat and Weekly group calls to ensure you keep connected, and accountable and also make new mom friends.

Nutrition - I will guide you through why a balanced diet is important for you and help you to create habits that work for you and your family and how to stay on "track" even on the days you are out and about with the kids. You will have videos giving you real-life tips all through your six-week journey. Every week you get to pick recipes that work for you and your family time and taste-wise. I will provide you with a weekly meal-by-meal nutrition plan tailored to your goals for guidance and ideas.


Training/Exercise - Every Monday I will guide you through all the exercises that you will use during your week so that we can make sure you are performing the moves correctly and get the most benefit out of the program. Tuesday you will be doing a mobility workout to ensure good recovery and that we will still be able to get to the floor to play with our kids or grandkids for many many years to come. Wednesdays and Fridays you will be doing Resistance workouts utilizing all the moves you learned on a Monday. Thursdays you will be doing a live group workout with me & the lovely ladies going through the program. Moms that sweat together, stay together. 

 **Monday, Wednesday, and Friday sessions are prerecorded so that you can pick the time that suits you and your family and you can come back to them later in the week** Although if you feel like it would be more beneficial for you to train in a group setting you can now also participate on the RadiantFit Weekly Classes totally free. (please see the schedule HERE)

All the workouts are designed for home with minimal equipment. 

Mindset and Motivation - Moms many times forget to ask themselves how they are actually feeling as they are so busy making sure their kids and family are OK. In this program, I want to give you the space to listen to yourself and your body. Moms need support and encouragement too and when you feel RADIANT your entire family shines. Mindset is an essential factor for a successful lifestyle and body transformations that should never be overlooked. So throughout the program, you will find little videos and messages to ensure your mindset is not neglected and you are achieving personal growth as well as physical results.

Accountability - Each client will check in once per week on Fridays using the app. We are monitoring your weight tracking and measurements, sleep quality, training adherence, and mom wins. It is your chance to reflect on the week and set goals for the upcoming week based on what needs improvement. 

1-2-1 Support Calls - During the program you will have a 1-2-1 call with me at a time that is suitable for you. These calls are designed to help you in whatever you feel like you need the most support on. We can use these calls for goal setting and discussing your personal nutrition, and pelvic floor, or if you are struggling with exercise motivation that week we can even use these calls as an exercise session. Whatever you need - I am here to support you!

The RadiantFit App - All the workouts, nutrition plans & recipes, 1-2-1 video calls, and check-ins are all delivered via my app, so you don't have to be browsing through several documents or platforms to save your precious mom time. The app will also monitor your progress and it's fully integrable with apple health and Fitbit. 



Individual Services:

6 x Nutrition Plans: (worth £600)
6 x Training Programmes: (worth £600)
2 x 1-2-1 & Croup Coaching Calls: (worth £3
Online Coaching Service: (worth £180)


Worth over £ 1680, but currently at an introductory price of £299 this means all of the above and the priceless addition of a group of amazing super moms you will be receiving for £299. 

It is possible for you too to feel, healthy, radiant, fit & strong mentally & physically. RadiantFit Mama is a total solution for you to do just that. Are you ready to get started?

You do so much for others, now it's your time to do something for YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it start?

Next RadiantFit Mama coming later in 2023. If you are interested in this program, please click HERE.

Who is this program for?

The Program is specifically designed for moms (with or without babies) who are serious about making a lasting lifestyle change & want to establish good exercise & nutritional habits. This program is a Kickstarter in order for you to start taking better care of you & lay down those good habits as part of your routine again.

When is a good time to do this program?

Whether you are a new mom or it has been years since you gave birth, you are welcome to join as long as you have been cleared to do exercise again. It is always a good time to take better care of YOU.

How much time do I need?

Approximately 40 minutes per day x 5 days a week

1 weekly accountability call/workout (60minutes)

If you fall behind & miss a day, you can do multiple days of workouts back to back on the same day. The pre-recorded workouts give you flexibility to do them at your convenience and with your kids or without.

What equipment do I need?

An exercise mat (or carpet)
-2 dumbbells (we will discuss the weight in our first call)
-Mini Bands
-a smartphone to access the workouts on the app
-Sneakers (optional)
-A TV is also ideal to mirror the workouts from your phone (optional)

When are the workouts?

All the classes are pre-recorded and accessible through my app, so you can do the workouts at your convenience. The weekly group session time will be confirmed when the group is complete.

How is this program different from any other program?

No other fitness program includes the total wellness solution; training/movement, motivation/mindser, nutrition and education all in one app, exclusively created for MOMS.

I only accept a few moms at a time, so I can dedicate my time to your success.

You will have direct access to me and 1 to 1 catch ups for the duration of the program 

I am committed to YOUR success. Your success is my success. 

I am a mom juggling a business so I understand your busy life.

I have over 15+ years experience of in guiding women to be the best versions of themselves.

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