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Hi, I'm Heidi

2014 after a few years break from fitness industry I decided to give it another go and started working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in La fitness in Brighton. At this stage I also started training more seriously and the following spring I competed in my first bikini fitness competition. I spent a few years competing but finally realised that the stage wasn't my happy place, helping other people was.

Currently, I am working as an independent personal trainer/online coach. I have recently had a son and complications in the postpartum recovery have led me to specialise in prenatal and postnatal exercise and nutrition. I aim to help all those other mums and mums to be out there to stay fit and healthy in an extremely busy and precious time of their lives.

I have experience coaching hundreds of men and woman in their journeys to strong and healthy and I would love to help you too. I believe in leading by example, so I won't make you do anything I haven't tried myself.


Check my video below here where I talk about my ideas about healthy eating and exercise.

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I began working in the gym as a group fitness instructor in 2008 and was instantly in love with the energy that instructing people gave me. I had a keen interest in human anatomy as well as a background in basketball, which led me to pursue a career in fitness industry.

In 2009 I graduated as a personal trainer and was taking my first coaching clients as well as teaching nearly 20 group fitness classes a week varying from BodyCombat to Spinning and from Piloxing to Flowtonic.

2010 I graduated as a Nutrition Coach and my Personal Training business was successful, which led me to move to the UK in a hunt for a new adventure.

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