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Radiant & Fit Mama - 6 Week Transformational Program for Moms

How to look & feel fit, take care of you and prepare healthy meals for you and your family in less than 40 minutes per day without leaving the house.

Have you ever experienced feeling overwhelmed and lacking the energy to keep up with your busy mom life?
Have you ever experienced a lack of confidence when you look in the mirror?
Have you ever experienced that you have no idea how to start?
Have you ever
 experienced like you have lost yourself in motherhood?

Have you ever experienced that you don't have the time to take care of yourself?
Do you want to rebuild strength, and improve cardio and flexibility?
Do you want to be healthier & fitter to keep up with your growing kid(s)?
Do you want to feel Radiant and like yourself again?


If you answered YES to any of the questions above. 


Imagine feeling proud when you looked in the mirror

Imagine feeling confident wearing your bikini again

Imagine feeling Radiant walking into any room

Imagine having the energy to keep up with your kids

Imagine enjoying working out

Imagine your weekly meal plan for you and your family was done for you

Imagine balancing your family and professional life and still having time for yourself

Imagine becoming that active mom and truly feeling happier


Would feeling like this change your life?

Heidi Patja - Wellness Coach For Busy Moms

Program for busy moms from a busy mom.

I understand the emotional, hormonal, and physical changes that motherhood throws at us.
There isn’t enough hours in the day to keep up with family life, take care of the household and juggle our professional life, keep up with friends.. the list goes on - am I right?

Not to even mention to follow a fitness regime and remember to eat healthily.

After having kids we easily lose ourselves a little bit and put our family’s needs in front of our own – it is only natural. 

I fell pregnant with my first child in 2019 and during this pregnancy, I gained a whopping 40kg and felt awful. I didn't like what I saw in the mirror, I felt lethargic and my confidence was just a shadow of its previous self on top of all this I had a totally new challenge to deal with messy, challenging, and ever-so rewarding motherhood.

I started training as often as I could with quick 20-30 minute workouts and designed quick healthy recipes for the entire family while my little boy was napping and this is what made me develop this program.

It is possible for you too to feel healthy, Radiant, and Fit again and I have a total solution for you to achieve just that – Are you ready to get started? Radiant &  Fit Mama 6-Week Program is for you!

What is included in the program?

6 weeks of coaching to become Radiant & Fit Mama including weekly on demand workouts via Radiantfit app.

Community of supporting Moms
Daily Motivational & Educational Videos (including Nutrition, Pelvic Floor, Sleep and so much more)
Personal exercise/training plans.
Meal by meal nutrition plans & recipes, with meal options in each meal (No boring or restrictive diets here!!)
High level of support includes group seminars, 1-2-1 support calls, in-app chat, and weekly check-ins.
Discounted Monthly Coaching with Heidi


Because us moms need to take care of ourselves and we need support and encouragement too. When you feel Radiant your entire family shines. You deserve to live you life to the fullest and enjoy the time with your family without worrying what to eat or what you can wear. Family time is super important and in order to put your family first you need to feel like you. In this program we don't train or follow meal plans on the weekends - we enjoy the time with our families to the fullest!

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